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Atelier Márcia Pompei

Márcia Pompei
Jewelry designer, Jewelry author, Teacher of Jewelry and several techniques



Since I was a child, before I was able to read and write, I had access to paints and brushes.

I graduated in Publicity and Marketing. I worked at that profession until to be totally “embraced” by Jewelry.

It is a fascinating art, not only by beauty of materials, but the myth character, the longevity, the high number of techniques, conquered me right away.

Many ways was gone through several forms of artistic expression, to hit this point. I had the opportunity to observe and learn with great master of jewelry, the pioneers of new schools in my country.

My work with metals, gems and alternative materials is all handicraft work. I make unique peaces, created and manufactured personally, in account of that, I am a “Jewelry Author”. I am designer of collections for jewelry makers and jewelry shops too. I teach in Atelier Márcia Pompei at São Paulo – SP – Brasil. I am consultant and write articles for web sites and magazines. I produce didactical materials (hand-books and videos) about several areas that make jewels.

I join the teaching area of that art by love. The sensation I feel is so gratifying that certainly it will be the same thing to many other peoples. Besides, it is so ancient, few propagated, we stand upon adventure to lost techniques, history and culture.

Among the more important events where I presented myself, I relate the XXIV FENINGER (1997 February) where I showed my jewels with a group of jewelry designers, the first one to present in this important event of Brazilian jewelry. The International Weekend “Maison et Objet Paris 97” (1997 September), in France.

My inspiration source is too vast, it is the Life. No doubt, the nature is very important in this procedure, mysteries, relations with peoples. Flora, fauna, minerals, opposite elements accomplishing themselves, creating permanence one to other: Man-woman; black-white; day-night; laugh-tear; fire-water; positive-negative; dirty hands by the work at the atelier-jewel shining and fascinating. 


"Violin" silver 950 and gold 750 (18k)
Set "Sprinkled"- Association of metals (silver, copper and brass) - with spheres of agate


Mat metal ring with turmaline set by pressure

Ring  "Connection" with lapis lazuli

Ring "Structure" with glittered quartz

Pendant "Eye of the Sea" with fluorite

Pendant "Paterns" - Association of metals (silver and copper) - with glittered quartz

For the Grife CAVALERA


The resposability for all the content of this page is of Márcia Pompei

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